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ProVia® – Thin Veneer

We now welcome ProVia Thin Veneer, stone trim and accessories to our large selection of products for your building and design needs. ProVia’s stones are selected, then molded and cast while maintaining nature’s beauty with stunning realism for exterior or interior applications.

Manufactured Stone Veneer:

We now offer a large selection of ProVia thin veneer for your interior or exterior needs.
  • Terra Cut
    Embodies weatherworn, coarse-grained, and coal style stones.
  • Ledgestone
    Rough dimensional, jagged edges, with varying surface area.
  • Dry Stack
    Varying thicknesses designed to fit together with hues varying from earthen grays, charcoals, golden browns, plums and misty corals.
  • Limestone
    Collection of roughly chiseled square and rectangular surface stone with natural earth tones for adding warmth and beauty to any application.
  • Fieldstone
    Rugged textured stone distinguished by its shapes and edges to add uniqueness and character wherever it is used.
  • River Rock
    Inspired by the original stones found in rivers and streams across the country.
  • Natural Cut
    Large stone surfaces with natural textures and irregular cuts mimic Old World charm that adds design versatility and artisanship to many architectural styles.
  • Precision Fit
    Designed with a contemporary look, natural color, and realistic texture.
  • Chisel Cut
    Balanced between natural texture with a chiseled form for versatility that looks great grouted or dry stacked.